Abu Dhabi SWRO
WaterCI provided design and risk review services to a financial institution thatwas considering financing this 227,300 m3/d BOT project.

Marketing Plans
Product Available (PAM) and Sales Available Market (SAM) studies for products and services. Regions studied include North & South America, Caribbean, Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, and Asia.

BOT Contract Development
WaterCI principals performed conceptual engineering and development of a "take-or-pay" water purchase agreements. These projects included assessment of a proprietary work-exchanger energy recovery technology.

Process Validation MSF
WaterCI staff completed design and process validation for the first desalination units larger than 40,000 m3/d. Complete process similation software was developed for 57,800 m3/d units, which were the largest in the world at the time. WaterCI recently completed process design validation for a highly competitive 317,500 m3/d thermal desalination project .

RO Energy Recovery
US Patent 5 306 428. WaterCI's principals patented this work exchanger based technology - the company is at the forefront of one of the most critical aspects of todays RO systems.

Middle Eastern MED-TC
Process design and materials selection for the first multiple effect units to be constructed entirely of super austenitic stainless steel were completed by WaterCI principals


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