WaterCi's greatest strength is our dedication to work within
the limits of our knowledge and our confidence in telling clients
where those limits lie.

WaterCi is more than a small minority owned business it is a dynamic global network of specialists. Decades of experience and relationships with the leading specialists in most areas of desalination and water reuse allow our core staff to build project teams which include the best independent specialists available. Our project teams are therefore focus to meeting the clients needs rather than utilizing captive overhead.

WaterCi has been at the forefront on global communication changes that is partly reflected in our ownership of "desalination.com". Our staff and project teams utilize internet for all telephonic, file and data transfer, and processing. This allows us to minimize cost, optimize speed and take advantage of various global time zones to provide quality services on a schedule and budget that is unrivalled.

Our technical capabilities include tin house staff experienced with;
  • advisory services to the owner of the largest reverse osmosis system
    in the Middle East (170,000 m3/d)
  • advisory services to the lenders for the largest reverse osmosis system
    in Asia (136,000 m3/d)
  • development of the largest desalination facility in the world (275,000 m3/d)
  • the independent verification of the largest thermal desalination projects in the world
  • patenting of advanced energy recovery systems now incorporated
    in the worlds largest plants.

Our technical knowledge is matched by what we know about the desalination market. This includes competitive knowledge of the processes which are commercialized today and those promising ones under development. This is a technical market and our we know how technology developments will shape the future market better than anyone. Our market information includes large databases of manufacturers, technology holders, consultants, customers and other significant ancillary players. The market includes various classes of process, primarily membrane and thermal. We have few peers who understand all commercially viable processes today; most others understand only one category and have misconceptions about the other.


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